Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Well it's a few days into the new year now and Christmas is officially over. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Mine was wonderful as usual but I was ill for all of it so spent it all at home with family.

I have a new pricing structure now for the new year. It includes 3 packages which all include albums, disks and portrait sessions among other things, also there is still an a la carte menu where you can choose what you would like individually and create your own package. The wedding and album pages on the website have been updated. The album page now has pictures of the two main albums I offer which will hopefully be helpful to people when they are making their decisions. Over the next week (after the dreaded tax return has been done) the galleries will also be updated.

Here are the images of the albums

While I was taking these photos a while ago I also took a few photos of my favourite old cameras with the same set up. This first one is called a Pentax K1000 and this was my first SLR camera, and for that reason I think it is still my favourite! It is a fully manual 35mm film camera, and I learnt all the basics on this!
This one is a Hasselblad, this is what I shot the majority of my photography degree final major project on. It is fully manual also but it's a medium format camera which took 120mm film. A beautiful camera!

I have not used either of these cameras for years since I switched to digital, I really hope I can get them out soon though before I forget how to load them!
That's all for now, will be getting some recent portraiture up soon as I haven't put any up for a while.


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