Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cirencester Family Fun Day Photographs for The Churn Project

On Sunday we had some of the nicest weather we've had this year and in Cirencester The Churn Project hosted their annual family fun day at St. Michael's Park. I agreed to photograph the event for them like I did last year, I really enjoy doing it as it really brings the community together and it's great to feel a part of that. Over 4000 people came this year, it was packed!

Today is also the last day that Shirley Alexander (my mum) is the Mayor of Cirencester, she is handing over the chain of office as I type this to the newly elected Mayor. Over the last week many people have been telling me such wonderful things about her and what she has done for our town, they say she's been the best mayor we've had (this came from another previous mayor) so I am very proud of her. I want to share some of the photographs from the family fun day, the first one is of my mum as it was her last official duty to open the fun day.

This year we had bird displays, huge amounts of people stopped to watch this and members of the public got to join in as well, I love birds of prey.

Every year there are activities for the kids, colouring, puppet making, t-shirt decoration and other various arts and crafts.

There were two puppet shows throughout the day, it was a punch and judy type style show which I used to find quite scary as a child but it was so funny! The kids absolutely loved it and I found it hard to tear myself away from it to continue working.

The climbing wall was also new this year, I would have loved a go myself but it was for the kids mainly, plus there was always a really long queue.

Fosseway Housing had put on circus skills again this year which always proves popular with the kids,

Face painting and African drumming for all as well.

Every year the Churches of Cirencester make cakes and provide everyone with refreshments, they also provide a bouncy castle for the kids, they provide all of this free of charge and any donations are given to the Churn Project.

All of the emergency services were there this year to talk to people about safety but also to let the kids climb on the fire trucks and play with the sirens. The fire brigade also put on demonstations to show how to put out a chip fire safetly and also what actually happens if even a tiny amount of water is introduced to the oil fire.

Right at the end of the day Fosseway Housing did a balloon release again, throughout the day people attach their names to the balloons and who evers balloon gets the furthest wins some money. This little girl managed to catch one!


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