Thursday, 30 July 2009

News: Sad car news and exciting gallery news

I had a sad day last week, my car failed its MOT and it turned out that it would cost a lot more than it's worth to fix. It was getting on a bit to be fair, but it had been driving so well that I was totally not expecting it. I had that car for just over 5 years, I didn't ever love it quite like I did my first car, but as the saying goes, you don't know what you got til it's gone :( It is the worst timing (as things with cars often are) with it being wedding season as I now have to hunt for a car on top of the work load. I am pretty lucky though as my parents were about to get rid of their old car and so they have kept it on for a while longer so that I can use that for a few weeks until I find something new. I feel quite sad about it though, it's just sat there in the drive looking all shiney and like there is nothing wrong with it, such a shame.

Now some good news! I have just installed a new gallery system which has a shopping cart. This means that when people are looking at their images they can easily add images to their cart and pay for them with all major credit cards if they wish (cheques are still accepted). It should make the ordering process a lot easier, I'm quite excited about it (not really sure what that says about me though!).

I hope everyone is enjoying the... er... summer!?!


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