Sunday, 27 September 2009

Lizzie and Gareth Wedding Photos, Full Post - Cumbria

It's been a while since Lizzie and Gareth's sneak peak, but here is the full post. They got married at St. Mary of the Angels Church in Bolton-le-Sands in Cumbria and then went on to The Netherwoods Hotel in Grange-over-Sands. It was the most gorgeous day, the brightest of bright sunshine for the entire day, not so good for a photographer but I was very happy that it was like this for them. I loved photographing their day because they are such a lovely couple, perfect for each other, but also it was lovely to be up in Cumbria where I used to spend my summers when I was little. What also made it extra special for me is that Gareth is my best friends cousin which does make them feel like extended family to me.

The Church is absolutely stunning, it's a gem and you wouldn't know how amazing it is on the inside from the outside.

I love this image, it's Gareth's Uncle carrying Gareth's nephew in, having just woken up he wasn't in the mood for people yet, you may see this little one later

Lizzie's three beautiful bridesmaids just before Lizzie arrived

Lizzie arriving looking slightly nervous, she didn't hang around and marched straight up to the Church

Time for the ceremony, I love the emotion on Lizzie's face as her dad walks her in, also check out the little baby watching on the left :) I also love how proud Gareth looks on the right

Loooooooooooooooooove the Church

They signed the register at the front of the Church with the registrar which is unusual for a Church wedding where they are usually taken away to the side, but it made a nice photo

One more prayer and then it was time to leave

I made use of the teeny amount of shade that there was for a couple as they walked out

Then out into that bright sun


There was so much confetti, a lot of it as usual seemed to go everywhere but on the couple, a few pieces landed on them

I like images of the crowds

This is another of my favourites, just as they are about to leave for the hotel

And they're off

The hotel looks quite magnificent as you turn the corner and see this for the first time

There weren't actually any clouds in the sky on the wedding day (as much as I wanted them for the formals) however I took the previous and next the day after as I was lucky enough to be staying there, this is the stunning view opposite the hotel

Lizzie looking stunning

Back at the hotel we got to take some cool shots in the grounds

I know you've seen this one already but I'm putting it in again because I love it

Lizzie's gorgeous and simple bouquet

Inside the hotel, some of the details

Gareth's nephew again with his Grandad (Gareth's Dad)

These adults get so noisey!!

Onto the speeches, Lizzie's dad gave a great speech, he said he was used to it by now as he had done his other daughters in that very room I think.

Gareth's speech, I love Lizzie's expressions

The best man's speech was very funny, my favourite is the one of Gareth at the bottom :) although he did say he got off lightly

Then onto the evening, they danced their first dance to build me up buttercup, despite previously not loving this song myself it was actually a great choice as it was really lively and set a great mood for the rest of the night. Their dance was very lively as well, I think Lizzie said it was called Gareths spinning dance

The last one, Lizzie and Gareth's friends got up to join them. It was a great night!

I hope you love them Lizzie and Gareth, see you soon!! x


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