Thursday, 5 November 2009

Laura and Doug's Wedding Photographs - Dumbleton Hall, Worcestershire

I recently photographed the wedding of Laura and Doug at Dumbleton Hall in Worcestershire. The whole wedding from the prep to the dancing was all at Dumbleton Hall which was fun as I got to photograph both Doug and Laura getting ready. There are many photos in this post, I've had a hard time picking! (and perhaps too many details but I couldn't help myself) Here they are:

As you can see the weather was beautiful as I arrived at Dumbleton Hall, I think the sheep thought I was a bit odd pulling over into their space on the driveway up to take this photo, it's a gorgeous building and I know Doug in particular wanted this. I love the hint of autumn around.

The dresses were so lovely, I loved Laura's but I also loved the colours of the bridesmaids.

The start of the hair

Really fun bridal shoes which didn't stay on long as the boots came on as soon as we went outside

I then popped over to see the lads

Doug had two best men, Matt who is helping him get ready on the left (and was a great help to me later in the day! -thanks again Matt) and Adam on the right, writing some of the speech.

Detail on the kilt

Back over to Laura

The flowers were so nice and smelt soooo good (and I don't usually like the smell of flowers)

We then moved room to start the final preparations

The two bridesmaids, Elspeth on the left (Doug's sister) and Natalie on the right

Time for the dress

Almost time

love it

This is one of my favourites!! It can't not be can it?


As mentioned before I don't really like photographing the register part if I'm not allowed to photograph the actual signing as it feels quite forced, but it's a record of the moment nonetheless, I do however love this part after when everyone is allowed to take a photo if they want, it feels like paparazzi

After the ceremony it was raining, then there was a break in the rain and we decided to risk it and do a big group shot outside, just as everyone was almost in position it started to rain, so we snapped it fast and then legged it back inside, I love this one on the way back

As usual, if possible, after the group shots we went to take some photographs in the grounds, it had stopped raining pretty fast which was lucky as we really wanted to get out there. Mmmm autumn!

There is this random old arch plonked in the grounds so we decided to mess around a bit, well, they did :) Got to show off those boots!

This is my favourite

I LOVE this one, we saw this climbing frame and Doug said they should climb it, I replied that they would be my favouritest ever if they did that, he took the challenge, ran over and got up, unfortunately it was a bit prickly around the base so Laura instead decided to take a sneak peak :) - actually everyone at the wedding knows what was under that kilt as he and the bestmen showed us :D

Wellies + leaves = kicking

Almost back, Dumbleton Hall is quite an impressive building

Now that sun and those dark clouds can only mean one thing, rainbow!! It's didn't hang around long either

Some confetti before it was time for the meal

As demonstrated by Laura, there is only one way to get rid of confetti on a dress and that's spin around until it falls off

I got really carried away with the details, I had to stop myself from putting in more

Speeches :) first up was father of the groom for a change

(In case you can't see what Matt is holding, it says "101 inappropriate stories about Doug")

Then, obviously, time for the evening reception

I always got the impression from Laura and Doug that they don't do things just like anybody else, first dance was no exception and was to The Darkness -I believe in a thing called love :) I would have air guitared had I not been working! (also check out Laura's third pair of shoes, fluffy slippers -awesome)

Just a few more, chocolate fountain - yummy!

That feels like quite an epic post, hope you've enjoyed it.

And I hope you are having a fantastic honeymoon Laura and Doug, see you soon!


Amy Wass 5 November 2009 at 23:23  

epic post but worth it- gorgeous photos Caroline, looks like a fab wedding with some lovely details and colours

Caroline Alexander 5 November 2009 at 23:27  

Thanks Amy! I couldn't contain them :)

Alan Hutchison 6 November 2009 at 18:53  

Caroline this is absolutely gorgeous work, really capturing the moments and your processing is so clean. Wonderful

Caroline Alexander 6 November 2009 at 19:38  

Thanks Alan! Great compliment, nice to get my processing skills noticed as well :) (I think that reads like sarcasm but it's not)

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