Friday, 26 February 2010

Corporate Headshots Gloucestershire - Lindsey Higgins

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Lindsey Higgins. Lindsey was after a headshot for an article for her business in Life Coaching. Her company is called Lasting Change Coaching and she specialises is personal success coaching. You can see her website here It was really great spending the time photographing Lindsey as I love one on one photography, I get a good chance to really talk to someone and I learnt quite a bit about life coaching, something I previously didn't know anything about. I assumed it would be orientated towards business and your career, I'm not sure where this assumption came from but I was wrong, it can help you with any area of your life that you are unhappy with. Lindsey offers one on one coaching, face to face or on the phone, or you can have the session in a group, perhaps with some close friends.

If you are after a change in your life but have no idea where to start, this is something that could really help you. You may not even know what you even want to change yet, but this is something Lindsey will help you work out and then help you to achieve. I highly recommend taking a look at Lindsey's website to find out what she does in more detail, she was so easy to get on with and so will put anyone at ease and I'm sure is very capable of getting the very best out of you.

Here are just a few of the photographs we took, the photograph needed to fit into a landscape shaped space in the article so the majority of what I took was of this shape. This is the one (and my favourite) that was used in the article (and you will see on the website), Lindsey looks very professional yet approachable which sums her up well:

This was also one of my favourites and again Lindsey looks approachable and has a more natural look to it as we had gone outside for a few

This was Lindsey's second favourite and will probably also make it to the site, although in colour

Another one we both loved, she looks awesome in this one.

This one was taken just for me :) at the time the light looked really great coming through the trees and I just thought this would look cool, and it does!

Lindsey really is as lovely as she looks so go take a look at her website and see how your life can be improved!


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