Monday, 12 April 2010

Lizzy - By Cirencester Portrait Photographer

Last week I got to spend the afternoon with this gorgeous 18 year old. Lizzy is an outdoorsy (is that a word?) kind of girl so we started outside and took lots in her lovely garden, she has pet sheep which were also part of the shoot, they were so cute! I didn't know sheep could be so friendly, they quite liked the camera too. We then went inside and did a few studio type shots. Lizzy is a complete natural in front of the camera as it was effortless, I didn't really need to tell her to do anything as she just looked fantastic regardless. Here are some (well quite a few) of my favourites:

I would kill for Lizzy's red hair!

Couldn't help but make use of the daffodils while they're here, love the colour.

SHEEP! They were a little TOO interested in the camera :) how cute is Lizzy with him though!


Couldn't let Finnley miss out on the action

Then inside

I hope you like them Lizzy, I'm looking forward to you seeing the rest!


Camilla Todd 13 April 2010 at 09:44  

Beautiful photos - the farm boots plus gorgeous red hair and fuzzy sheep make it all rather awesome! :D

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