Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Baby J's Baby Naming Ceremony Photographs from Guildhall, Bath

An old friend of mine 'Neat Neat' (must be said like the roadrunner says meep meep) who when not travelling the world lives in New Zealand contacted me to say she was going to be back in the UK for her niece's naming ceremony and could I photograph it? Yes!!! A naming ceremony is basically a non religious version of a christening and to be honest, I didn't even know such a thing existed, but I'm very glad that it does. I met with baby J, Neat, family and friends in Bath at the Guildhall (where I must say, the staff were so extremely friendly) to photograph this very special occassion. It really was such a pleasure to witness, my favourite part was when baby J's granddad did a reading from the Owl and the Pussy Cat :) Afterwards we all went back to their home to celebrate.

Cirencester Christening Photographer 1

Cirencester Baby Naming Photographer 2

Cirencester Christening Photographer 4

Gloucestershire Baby Naming Photographer 5

Cirencester Baby Naming Photographer6

Gloucestershire Christening Photographer 7

Cirencester Christening Photographer 8

Gloucestershire Baby Naming Photographer 9

Gloucestershire Christening Photographer 10

Cirencester Baby Naming Photographer11

Cirencester Christening Photographer 12

Gloucestershire Baby Naming Photographer 13

Cirencester Baby Naming Photographer15

Cirencester Christening Photographer 16

Gloucestershire Christening Photographer 18

Gloucestershire Baby Naming Photographer 19

Cirencester Christening Photographer 20

Cirencester Baby Naming Photographer 21

Gloucestershire Christening Photographer 22

Cirencester Christening Photographer 24

Gloucestershire Baby Naming Photographer 25

Gloucestershire Christening Photographer 27

Gloucestershire Baby Naming Photographer 28

Gloucestershire Christening Photographer 29

Cirencester Baby Naming Photographer30

Gloucestershire Baby Naming Photographer 31

(Best hat ever)
Gloucestershire Christening Photographer 32

Peace out
Gloucestershire Baby Naming Photographer 32


Anonymous 4 November 2010 at 01:37  

Dear Caroline - firstly thanks so much for being part of our day. Secondly you've really captured the spirit of J's extended family, as well as providing us with beautiful shots of those we love the most. We're lucky to have so much joy in our lives. We'll be back for portraits.....x

Paul Thurlow 4 November 2010 at 08:22  

Caroline, what a fantastic set of images. Nice work

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