Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sophie and Chris - Chedworth Church and Rendcomb College Wedding Photographs, Gloucestershire

It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks over here at Caroline HQ, but I've reeeally been looking forward to blogging Sophie and Chris's wedding. Basically it's official now, I LOVE October light, particularly late October. The sun is low and harsh but beautiful, as I edit this one my head just says, yum, yum, yum. I started the day at Chedworth Church which is my favouritest of Churches (Minchinhampton came close recently but after revisiting this one, it's the winner), it's just so light! It's so pretty and small plus an entire side of the church is made up of giant windows of the non stained glass variety so the light just floods in.
After the ceremony it started to rain pretty heavily and gave us a rainbow for a moment which was pretty cool, luckily the rain didn't stay around long and by the time I got to Rendcomb College it had stopped and the sun was out again. This is the first time I have shot at Rendcomb, it is absolutely stunning. It's not often that I get to a place and for there to be as many places indoors to take photos as there are outdoors, I can't quite believe this is a school! When I arrived only Sophie and Chris were there and they were in the music room (I guess it's the music room as when I did the pre wedding visit I couldn't see the room as they were practicing in there), this room looked so amazing, it's a truely stunning room in itself but the sun was streaming through the massive windows, they had a pianist (Richard Goldsmith) playing near the windows and it was such a lovely moment! Everything ran super smoothly thanks to two people. Firstly Mark Naylor who runs fun stuff like this at Rendcomb. Secondly, they had a toastmaster which I don't often come across but boy can they make a difference to the day. There is always a time where people aren't really sure what to do with themselves and the toastmaster is there to take care of this, everyone knew what was happening and when as they were told. They chose Maureen Greenway-Jones (mgreenwayjones@live.co.uk) who was lovely and I was very happy to have her loud voice around :) The food was gorgeous as well, apparently it was the same chef as the kids get, lucky kids! Now I'd better get on with the photos as I don't usually write this much before you get to the good stuff....

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Chedworth Church 1

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Chedworth Church 2

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Chedworth Church 3

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Chedworth Church 5

Cirencester Wedding Photographer bride 6

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Chedworth 7

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Chedworth Church 8

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Chedworth Church 9

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Chedworth 10

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Chedworth Church 11

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Chedworth Church 12

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 13

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Chedworth Church 14

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb 15

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Rencomb Classic Car

Too many nice details to share!!
Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb 17

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb 18

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Rencomb Music Room 19

The lovely Richard Goldsmith again. He was loving playing the piano there as apparently it's a very special one, also he remembered me from one of my first ever weddings, what a memory!
Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb 20

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Autumn 21

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Autumn 22

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb 23

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Autumn 25

I think it would be impossible for me to love the sun beams in this photo any more!
Cirencester Wedding Photographer Portrait 26

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Portrait 27

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb 27

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Rencomb School 28

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb stairs 29

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Rencomb School 30

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb 31

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Speeches 32

Cirencester Wedding Photographer  speeches 33

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 34

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb35

Cirencester Wedding Photographer  fireworks 36

Cirencester Wedding Photographer First Dance 36

Cirencester Wedding Photographer first dance 37

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb 38

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Rencomb 40

Cirencester Wedding Photographer First Dance 41

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Rencomb First Dance 42


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