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The Royal Wedding - Caroline Alexander Photography

I really didn't think I'd be here writing this, yet all day I've been fully absorbed into the Royal wedding that I just have to say something. For some reason on the build up to today I didn't have that much interest in the wedding. I knew I'd watch it but I didn't care about the hype. I turned it on at about 10.30 am then that was it, I've been obsessed all day since. I know it's not very shocking that someone that chose to be a wedding photographer enjoyed a wedding :) but wow, I really loved it.

Where to start, anyone reading this probably already watched it so I just wanted to share some of my favourite moments. My thoughts the whole time were pretty much just with Catherine (Kate, Princess Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, etc). Although actually, the first thought I had when I saw Catherine was not with her, it was with the woman photographing her (worrying, who is that? What is she doing with that flash? I wish I was doing it, etc...). Then my attention went to Catherine, I was just so pleased to see her look so genuinely happy as she smiled and waved at the crowd as she made her way to Westminster Abbey. Then that moment as she got out of the car, WOW! How perfect was that dress for her? It's not something I would choose for myself, far from it in fact, however it was just perfection! And the veil, I don't see that many veils myself but I do love them and Catherine reminded me why. I wonder if I will see more now? And trees! How many trees in ceremonies will we see now I wonder?

I'm not afraid to admit that I welled up as she entered the Abbey with her Dad, he looked so proud and she looked so happy. I was struck by her poise, I couldn't quite believe her nerves of steel, particularly how steady her hands were while William 'placed' the ring on her finger ;) It's not uncommon for me to well up at a wedding, I often do at the weddings I photograph but can hide it behind a camera :D so was quite taken aback when I a tear rolled down my cheek while watching these people I didn't even know.

It was then little moments that really touched me. I loved the little smile that crept onto Catherine 's face as she heard the crowd outside cheer when they were declared husband and wife. The other much bigger smile that was there for just a split second as she obviously caught the eye of someone she knew while she sang. All the crowds cheering as they made their way to Buckingham Palace, that part made me especially proud to be British. There was one moment where the camera was above them and you could see William rubbing Catherine 's hand with his thumb and I thought, aw! Little gestures like that really show how much he loves and cares for her.

Then later as they walked onto the balcony and Catherine said 'wow' as she saw the crowd for the first time. I loved both of their reactions to the crowd cheering their kiss, it was like embarrassment mixed with amusement mixed with a little bit of pride. I especially love that photo that is floating around of the little bridesmaid holding her ears with a grumpy face on in front of the couple as they kissed :) then one of my favourite little moments was when the couple walked back into the palace and Catherine looked round one last time with the most beautiful smile, it felt like she really connected with the crowd in that moment. Then that car!!! That was the icing on the cake for me, that Aston Martin, how cool was that? It was such a nice touch which really showed their personalities to us, yet another little thing that warms them to us. It's little things like that in the weddings that I photograph that I love, the little bits of themselves the couples put into their day that I really enjoy.

The one thing that I would have liked to have seen from them was a little more energy. I felt like I could see the excitement inside of them but it was like they felt they couldn't release that and I really felt for them. I think there were snippets of it on the balcony but I know they probably only let that show around family which is a shame as I think everyone would have loved to have seen that. I also was amazed at how in control they seemed, they both seemed comfortable with the whole process and what they were doing (I guess they had rehearsed a lot). On weddings that I photograph I really enjoy being there to support my couples, often I think it is comforting to my brides in particular to have someone there like me, a friendly face that has experienced this many times that can guide them if needed and reassure them that everything is going ok. I can't imagine going through that wedding today without being able to turn to someone for that.

I'm not usually one for pouring out personal thoughts like this in such a public way, especially on something that would be so open to criticism, yet since I watched the ceremony I've found myself watching everything there is to watch and clicking on everything there is to see, I can't get enough and I felt I had to share this. Really what it comes down to is that I love seeing people in love. This is why I love what I do, I never fail to get excited by it. The other day I met with one of my couples that are getting married this August (hello Sarah and Alex) to hear about their wedding (which sounds amazing! seriously!) and they asked me if I ever get bored of weddings and I said that I can towards the end of the season. Ever since I said that I wanted to take it back as it really wasn't what I meant at all, I can get bored of running a business (that admin, the accounts, the dull stuff) but I NEVER get bored of a wedding, or of photographing a wedding. I just love everything about it, the dress, the shoes, the JOY, the love, the fun, the details, the music, the families, the celebration of people. I really am very lucky and I can't wait to start showing you some of this years weddings, I've got a corker coming up :D

And as I hate to have a post without photos, here are a few of my favourite wedding photos that show why I love weddings!!

Gloucestershire wedding photographer Cirencester 01

Gloucestershire wedding photographer 18

Cirencester Wedding Photographer First Dance 41

Cripps Barn Cirencester 26

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 13

Witshire Wedding Photography groom 26

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Wiltshire Ceremony 22

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer in Buckinghamshire 40

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 31 Sapperton

Kingscote Barn Wedding Photographs 9

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 10

Kingscote Barn Wedding Photographs 18

Cirencester Wedding Photographer Bestman and Groom 33

Gloucestershire Wedding  Photography in Ciffton Bristol 13

Gloucestershire wedding photographer 36

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer barn dance 35

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Bride and Father 12

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 16


Gloucestershire wedding photographer 47

Kingscote Barn Wedding Photographs Speeches 35


Caroline Alexander 1

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer in Buckinghamshire 21

gloucestershire wedding photography 19





Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer barn dance 36

gloucestershire wedding photography 14


both arriving


gloucestershire wedding photography 13

grims dyke hotel gardens


Gloucestershire wedding photographer 25

Ok, so I got a little carried away there :) but can you see why I love it so much?


Amy Wass 30 April 2011 at 13:31  

great post Caroline. I agree, I was not interested but then got completely absorbed. Enjoying looking at the photos in the media today.

Marie Man 1 May 2011 at 09:59  

Great round up of images - I also unexpectedly became a royal wedding junkie for the day! With our jobs, it's such an honour to be a wedding photographer and to capture the love in these moments.

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