Thursday, 16 June 2011

Donna and Mike - Kingscote Wedding Photographs, Gloucestershire

I've been really looking forward to blogging Donna and Mike's wedding since I photographed it. Firstly you may remember them from their engagement shoot here, which we did almost a year ago in Cirencester. I left this wedding with such a warm and happy heart, I had such a lovely day with these guys and their families and friends. It really reminds me that although a wedding can be beautiful with all it's little details and personal touches (of which this one had much awesomeness as you will soon see :) ) it's really the people that make the day. There was such a warm, happy energy around all day that it really was just such a pleasure to be around. Donna and Mike were so much fun and are truely lovely, beautiful people! They put all their trust in me, in fact they even told me before the day that they would do whatever I asked as they trusted me so much (wow!) and were willing to give up as much of the day as was needed to get their photographs (although I'm always a pretty fast worker) and so the time we spent together away from everyone was so much fun as I could tell they really enjoyed all of it. This is going to be a pretty epic sized post so sit back and enjoy :)

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer gettting ready 1

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 2

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 3

Wedding Kingscote 4

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 5

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 6

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 7

(One of my favourite bridal pictures I've ever taken I reckon)
Wedding Kingscote 8

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 9

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 10

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 11

Wedding Kingscote 12

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 14

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 15

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 16

Love this, this is just after Donna's Dad gave her away, as he walked back to his seat he joked 'good luck' :D
Wedding Kingscote 17

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 18

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 19

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 20

Wedding Kingscote 21

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 22

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 23

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 24

Wedding Kingscote 25

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 26

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 27

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 28

Wedding Kingscote 29

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 30

Wedding Kingscote 31

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 32

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 33

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 34

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 35

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 36

Wedding Kingscote 37

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 38

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 39

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 40

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 41

Wedding Kingscote 42

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 43

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 44

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 45

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 46

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 47

Totally busted!
Kingscote Wedding Photographs 48

Wedding Kingscote 49

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 50

So much cool stuff!
Cirencester Wedding Photographer 51

Wedding Kingscote 52

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 53

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 54

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 55

Wedding Kingscote 56

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 57

Stealing the show with all the cuteness :)
Kingscote Wedding Photographs 58

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 59

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 60

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 61

Wedding Kingscote 62

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 63

This was quite fun for me as during the bestmens speech they brought out pictures of Mike on a kids tv show called The Movie Game, brought back memories for me too as my school was on that too :)
Cirencester Wedding Photographer 64

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 65

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 66

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 67

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 68

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 69

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 70

Wedding Kingscote 71

Kingscote Wedding Photographs 72

Cirencester Wedding Photographer 73

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer 74



Lisa Dawn 16 June 2011 at 13:32  

Lovely images you have really captured the emotion throughout the day! Especially like the photo of the couple walking through the yellow field.

Dominique 16 June 2011 at 13:36  

Really beautiful! What a stunning bride. You've captured so many great moments!

Sarah Purcell 16 June 2011 at 18:45  

Fantastic photos :-)

Beryl 16 June 2011 at 19:24  

Think these are the most personal wedding photos I have ever seen - absolutely beautiful - what a memory for Donna and Mike

Martins Kikulis 20 June 2011 at 19:30  

Love your attention to details!! ;)

Lisa & Dave 24 June 2011 at 20:57  

Thank you to Donna & Mike for having us as guests at such an amazing wedding... These wedding pictures are some of the MOST beautiful we've ever seen & fully reflect the romantic, fun day that it truely was ( &Dominique, yes Donna IS this stunning in 'real life' too!!!!!) xxx

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