Monday, 11 July 2011

Clare and Tim - Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography - Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

Today I have for you the gorgeous wedding of Clare and Tim who got married at Malmesbury Abbey. Their reception was right next door at The Old Bell which was also where Clare was getting ready in the morning, while Tim was the other end of the path in a pub :) which meant I could nip inbetween in the morning. It was quite novel being able to run into the Abbey to see what was going on there and then run back to Clare as finishing touches were being done. They had a bit of a sweetie theme and one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen. We did their couple shots next door to the Abbey in the Abbey Garden (luckily it was not a clothes optional day like the day we had visited previously :) although that could have made interesting photos also...) Some of my favourite portraits to date so hope you like them!

1 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

2 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

3 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

4 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

5  Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

6 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

7 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

8 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

9 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

10 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

11  Malmesbury Wedding Photography

12 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

13 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

14 Malmesbury Abbey

15 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

16 Gloucestershire Wedding Photography

17 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

18 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

19 Malmesbury Pub Wedding Photography

20 Malmesbury Pub Wedding Photography

21 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

22 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

23 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

24 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

25 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

26 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

27 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

28  Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography

29 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

30  Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography

31  Malmesbury Abbey photography

32 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

33  Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography

34 Malmesbury Abbey photography

35 Malmesbury Abbey photography

36  Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography

37 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

38 Malmesbury Abbey photography

39  Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography

40 Malmesbury Abbey Wedding

41 Malmesbury Abbey photography

42 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

43  Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography

44 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

45 Malmesbury Abbey photography

46 Gloucestershire Wedding Photography

47 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

48  Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography

49 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

50 Malmesbury Abbey photography

52 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

53  Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography

54 Malmesbury Abbey photography

55  Malmesbury Abbey Wedding Photography

56 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

57 Gloucestershire Wedding Photography

58 Gloucestershire Wedding Photography

59 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

60 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

61 Gloucestershire Wedding Photography

62 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

63 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

64 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

65 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

66 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

67 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

68 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

69 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

Now I wish I could remember exactly what Tim said here, but it was something along the lines of being a man of few words but nothing is right until it's set in stone...
70 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography

71 Malmesbury Wedding Photography

72 Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

73 Gloucestershire Wedding Photography

74 Malmesbury The Old Bell Photography


Paul Thurlow 11 July 2011 at 23:15  

Caroline, what a fabulous set, some stunning images within that post. Beautiful work

Martin Pemberton 11 July 2011 at 23:17  

Stunning work Caroline - just gorgeous

Steph Bellis 12 July 2011 at 17:12  

These are stunning! You really captured every special moment of the day and we hardly even noticed you were there. Can't wait to see the full collection! Many Thanks Steph Bellis (chief bridesmaid/bride's sister)

James 12 July 2011 at 19:46  

Absolutely stunning. Beautiful beautiful work!

Caroline Alexander 13 July 2011 at 01:56  

Thanks so much everyone. Really glad you like them Steph and that's great to hear :)

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